Beautiful Hair Confident You:

Hair Science and Service

Most people go to a hairdresser to look a certain way.
People come to Chrissy to FEEL a certain way.

A visit to the hairdresser is always a perfect start to feeling more confident and beautiful
if only you could feel that way every day.

You can.

Having hair that you love shouldn’t be a once-in-a-while experience, we believe that it’s possible to have great hair that you love every day.

Your hair is something that you carry with you your whole life, like your skin, your teeth and the rest of your body, it has seasons and changes.

Just as you update your skincare with time, how are you updating your hair care? Do you do anything to replenish the effects that lifestyle changes are having on your hair?

And if not why?

Thinning, breaking and lack-lustre hair is not a sentence to be endured for you, these elements can be treated
and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg or take hours to achieve.

Beautiful Hair.

Confident You.

every day.

The simplest path to feeling more confident in how you show up in the world is by having healthy hair that you love, and it starts with a visit to Your Hair coach, Chrissy Heathorn.

Are you ready to have hair you love?

Every appointment is a deep dive into your hair’s integrity to discover what is helping you versus what is impacting your hair and stopping you from having the hair you want.

The Beautiful Hair Experience is as much time out from the every day as it is a bespoke hair appointment.

some client love.

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A Hairdresser who is still interested in the job and what’s best for the client, is a treasure to find.

Andrea McIntyre

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Absolutely recommend such beautiful products and service
Chrissy tested the strength and protein levels of my hair which no other hairdressers have done. I’m one very satisfied customer & very grateful for her work

Jodi Olivia T

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Chrissy has managed to transform me on several occasions by firstly listening intently followed by a very detailed consultation on my hair. She advised on what suited my face shape combined with many useful tips for maintaining my look into the future. Thank you so much Chrissy.

Lenie Buis

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The Beautiful You Hair Experience

is not just a trip to the hairdresser, our intention is to treat your hair and give you the tools to be able to understand your hair, look after it and style it so that you look and feel confident with your hair every day, not just on salon days.

Your Holistic Hair Consultation
This is not just about defining what style you want, we consider your lifestyle, your budget, how much time you have to manage your hair and any concerns about your hair to determine the best possible fit for your hair goals.

An In-Depth Hair Analysis 
determines your hair integrity and health using the wet stretch test. This gives her a deeper insight into what will work for you long term and how to best treat and restore your hair

The Hair Detox
We all know the benefit of detoxing, but when was the last time your hair had a detox? The detox removes the build-up of the product to create a clean fresh canvas that allows for your hair to repair and renew.

Hair Conditioning Using organic nourishment for your deep conditioning treatment is where the magic happens to transforms the condition of the hair right away, giving you hair that feels and looks healthier and giving you immediate results, naturally.

Your Hair Care Program
is your personal prescription on how to care for your hair, what products to use and what is needed for you to achieve your hair goals in the time you have

Blow dry and style,
if you are wondering how to recreate your salon look or find new ways to do your hair, Chrissy walks you through the styling process step by step so that you feel confident that you CAN replicate the look and feel of your hair at home

The usual costs at regular salons would be at least $400 however you SAVE 50% when you book online with Your Hair Coach


Book Online with Chrissy and Save 50%

So many people are frightened to tell their hairdresser that
they are not happy and walk away from a salon feeling upset
with their hair and style after spending hours in the chair.

At Your Hair Coach we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee,
just let us know how you feel when you get home and we will work with you
to help you feel and look as beautiful as you can be.

Meet Your Hair Coach

Chrissy has built her reputation on providing memorable experiences for her clients; a hairstylist with more than two decades of salon experience in the UK and New Zealand. Chrissy is a trained life coach, a member of the Australia & New Zealand Coaching Alliance and holds a Diploma in Holistic Living Counselling.

Frustrated with the industry, where clients are often bounced from person to person, spend way too long in the chair without feeling seen or heard and leave not feeling confident in recreating their style or cut at home, she developed the Your Hair Coach Method.

Bringing together the best of hair science, hair styling, coaching and customer service, the Beautiful You hair service was developed so that you can finally get the feel beautiful with your hair, every day.

frequently asked questions

We offer all the usual salon treatments and services, but unlike a regular salon, our focus is on empowering you to get the best from your hair. We offer you the guidance, knowledge and inspiration you need to finally understand and nurture your hair, so you can create great hair at home between appointments.

That’s why we only offer cut, colour and other enhancements to clients who also experience one of our Signature services first. The work we do together to understand, repair and nourish your hair ensures we protect your locks and get the best results from treatments and styling.

You’ll leave not just looking gorgeous, but feeling confident, empowered and in charge of your
hair. And that’s the difference.

Not at all! We understand that sometimes you need a fresh perspective. After your consultations, you are free to return to your usual stylist armed with your new knowledge and understanding if you wish.

For those who are looking for a complete change, we do offer expert cut, styling and salon treatments to clients who experience our Beautiful Hair Confident You service. You can switch over completely to Your Hair Coach or stick with your longtime stylist – the choice is yours.

Based in Bethlehem, near Tauranga. Your Hair Coach© services are also available in Auckland on a rotation 6-8wks, (see our FaceBook page for updates).

We’re also looking to add Your Hair Coach© locations across the country, so watch this space. (And if you’re a stylist keen to join us, get in touch!)

Everyone is different, so your results will depend on your hair condition, specific challenges and how carefully you stick to your care plan. We’ll be able to tell you more during your consultation, but clients will typically see results immediately.

Yes, you can take the option of a stand-alone expert cut & style finish.

Our Basic’s to Beautiful Hair and Beautiful Hair Confident You system is integral to the way we work, so we don’t offer colours in isolation. By assessing, nourishing and nurturing your hair first, we can not only protect your hair but ensure we get the best results from any colour or perming services.

When you book one of our Signature service’s you can upgrade to include an expert cut at the same
time. You can also book your usual hair services for subsequent appointments.