Become a Salon Superstar
with the Your Hair Coach© Method training programme

You’re a talented, sought-after stylist and you value your relationships with your clients. They always leave the salon looking and feeling great!

But between appointments, you know that it’s often a different story. So many women just don’t know how to take care of their hair properly. You’d love to find the time to educate and empower your clients to create fabulous hair at home, but with back-to-back salon bookings, there’s never a spare moment.

Until now

Introducing the Your Hair Coach© Method

An exciting new premium and holistic consultation service, created by a hairdresser for hairdressers.

Your Hair Coach© Method is a powerful system that brings together the best of expert hair science, styling expertise, and empowerment coaching, so you can coach your clients to get the best out of their hair, everyday.

As a certified Your Hair Coach, you’ll have a premium bespoke service offering that will set you apart, reignite your passion for your work and leave your clients saying ‘Why has no one told me this before?’

Thanks Chrissy

I really appreciated your time today. Where has a hair coach been all my life?!

Your passion project business is absolutely awesome and I encourage you to keep at it!Salons really do need to change to meet our needs, especially as we age and change. Many of us are happy to pay for excellent advice and good products. Keep putting the word out!It's got to catch on because it's a really needed service for no doubt many of us. Like any great new idea it can be slow to take root, but once it does it will grow. Change is hard and status quo will push back, but it won't take much once you get one Salon on board, then two...

Anytime anyone has issues with their hair I'm going to say "you need a hair coach" and point them in the right direction. Your branding is bang on, well done.

A heartwarming, unsolicited review from Gio Lindsay.
So what exactly IS a hair coach?

Just as a sports coach guides, mentors and encourages athletes towards peak physical condition and performance, a hair coach helps clients achieve outstanding results, with their hair.

As a certified Your Hair Coach, you’ll be trained in the art of mentoring your clients to finally understand and manage their own hair. You will work 1:1 with your clients to educate them on their hair type, set goals and create a bespoke care plan, so they can achieve the results they desire, at home. You will:

  • Empower your clients with new knowledge.
    With your guidance, your clients will gain a new understanding of their hair, leaving the salon inspired, empowered and with the confidence to care for and style their hair beautifully, at home.

  • Create personalised hair plans.
    You’ll learn how to create complete personalised hair care plans, so your clients leave the salon with everything they need to create gorgeous hair, at home.


  • Hold your clients accountable for achieving their hair dreams.
    Just as a sports coach can’t do the training for the athlete, ultimately, the ongoing success of a client’s hair is the result of the collaboration between the hair coach/stylist and the client. You’ll learn how to check in with your clients and compassionately hold them accountable for playing their part to get the results they desire, building strong and trusted relationships

As a certified Your Hair Coach, you’ll have a bespoke service offering like no other in the industry. This first class client experience will set you apart, creating a strong bond between you and your clients, building trust and loyalty.

Why become a Your Hair Coach?

The Beautiful You Hair Experience

Meet the creator

Your Hair Coach is the brainchild of Chrissy Heathorn, a hair stylist with more than two decades’ of salon experience in the UK and New Zealand. Chrissy is a trained life coach, a member of the Australia & New Zealand Coaching Alliance and holds a Diploma in Holistic Living Counselling. Chrissy views her role now, as a change maker within the hairdressing industry a visionary consultant, with solutions to what ails our struggling profession.

As a stylist, Chrissy built her reputation on providing memorable experiences for her clients. Over the years she became frustrated that across the industry, clients were leaving the salon without feeling confident to create their own beautiful hair, at home.

And that’s why she created the Your Hair Coach Method. It’s a powerful signature offering that brings together the best of expert hair science, hair styling, empowerment coaching and nourishing natural products, so you can finally help your clients get the best out of their hair, everyday.

Chrissy Heathorn Your Hair Coach Founder and Stylist Consultant North Shore Auckland

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Your Hair Coach Method© certification programme

The Your Hair Coach Method© certification programme consists of:

An online training 8 week training programme

Or, whole team in-person training over two days

The Online Course - The Your Hair Coach© Method

Module 1 - You the Hairdresser

This module is all about learning to trust your intuition and become aware of your energy.

It’s a profound learning experience that will shift your awareness, understanding and relationship with yourSelf, so that you can feel empowered as the expert you are.

You’ll learn about your Energy Signature and how to enhance yourSelf positively when engaging with your clients.

Most of all, you’ll learn how to listen deeply and how to trust your intuition to best serve your clients.

Module 2 - The Client

The way you communicate with your client is the single biggest factor influencing a successful outcome. The Your Hair Coach Method, creates an invaluable opportunity to get to the heart of your clients’ challenges, uncover their deep desires and establish yourself as the expert – matters that can only be skimmed over in a standard hair consultation.

In this module, you’ll learn advanced communication skills like asking the right questions, heart-centred listening and understanding what is unspoken. You’ll discover how to empower your client to set meaningful goals and feel confident they can reach them.

Module 3 - The Method

Stop giving away your time on 5-10 minute consultations and discover how to coach your client to hair success, through a structured holistic consultation process suitable for all hair types.

You’ll learn the two signature service offerings that showcase you as the expert and provide a bespoke holistic consultation service to each client. Plus you’ll learn how to present the Beautiful You Hair Experience service as a renew and refresh offer to existing clients, a special occasion pamper experience, or a perfect gift voucher experience.

Module 4 - The Customer Experience

To be human is to live life through your five senses and when it comes to creating a rich client experience, the little things count.

In this module you’ll discover how the Your Hair Coach© Method creates a memorable and informative pamper experience that leaves your client feeling truly special. You’ll learn how to acknowledge each sense, making your client feel cared for, nurtured and pampered and exceeding all her expectations, she’ll walk out your salon, feeling beautiful and confident, ready to share her experience with others.

Your Commitment

What's included in the training?


Once your training is complete, you will receive:

What people say about the

Your Hair Coach© Method


In a standard ‘cut and blow wave’ appointment you might have say 5 to 10 minutes to discuss the client’s needs. And while you might try to share some helpful tips, there’s simply not enough time to educate and empower the client to really understand her hair.

While we recommend Organic Colour Systems products, you can choose to offer any quality brand that provides clarify, hydration, protein and normal hair options.

For information about pricing, contact Chrissy on [email protected] or + 64 210 393 450 so we can discuss your individual or salon needs. We offer discounts for whole salon or group training sessions. 

At the end of the Your Hair Coach© training programme

It’s time to be THE change in the hairdressing industry.

If you’re ready to be the change in the hairdressing industry and give your clients what they really want, let’s talk.

Pick up the phone and let’s discuss how the Your Hair Coach method can elevate your career, starting today.