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About Your Hair Coach

Your hair is the crown you never take off
You’ve always wanted great hair….
You’ve just never known how to make it happen.

You’ve bought the fancy products, you’ve spent hours blow drying or straightening, but your hair still feels so unmanageable. You don’t even know what style suits you anymore.

You’d love your hairdresser to guide you, but with the next client already waiting in the chair, your appointment often feels so rushed. 

You’re locked into an 8-week cut and colour cycle, and you can never recreate the look at home.

Your hair deserves better. You deserve better.

The good news is, you can create beautiful, salon-worthy hair at home.

Let us show you how.

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Introducing Your Hair Coach

More than just hair styling


  • Our unique holistic consultation system
  • Hair analysis
  • Hair detox
  • Personalised recommendations
  • Bespoke hair care plan
  • Aftercare & follow up

Discover the science behind YOUR great hair.

Whether you’re struggling with limp locks, lack of volume or too much frizz, you’ll learn why your hair behaves that way and how to get great results, every time.

Nurture your hair

Pamper your locks with luxurious low-tox, eco-friendly and ethical products, scientifically selected to get the best from your hair. Alongside our bespoke product recommendations, we’ll create a personalised hair care plan so you nourish your locks back to tip top condition.

Love your hair

We’ll dive deep into your hair history and consider your face shape, skin tone and lifestyle to create a look you’ll love. You’ll leave the salon feeling confident and capable that you can create great hair at home, even on busy days.

I'm Chrissy Heathorn

Chrissy Heathorn – Senior stylist, professional mentor and founder of the Your Hair Coach Method©, a new concept for the hairdressing industry.

Trained in the UK, I moved to New Zealand in the early nineties. Quickly establishing a salon in which, customer service, and creating memorable client experiences have been one of my top priorities, and the philosophy driving the Your Hair Coach Method©.

Looking objectively at the industry I’d been a part of for many years, what was missing?  How could my experience be used to help clients and stylists?

The missing piece of the puzzle was to ensure my clients knew enough information about their hair to feel confident doing it themselves at home.

You deserve to look good and feel confident & attractive every day

Chrissy Heathorn Your Hair Coach Founder and Stylist Consultant North Shore Auckland

That’s why I created The Your Hair Coach Method©

It’s a powerful system that brings together the best of expert hair science and styling, empowerment coaching and nourishing natural products, so you can finally learn how to get the best out of your hair, everyday.

Your Hair Coach consultations your hair type science based eco friendly hair care products north shore auckland

what makes your
Hair Coach different?

First, we start with the science. We begin with comprehensive hair analysis and testing, so you can learn exactly what kind of hair you have and how to make it thrive.

Then, we get to know you as a person. We’ll dive gently into your hair history, your lifestyle and your wishlist so we can make recommendations for hair that truly feels like you.

Next, we unlock the salon secrets and teach you how to nourish, nurture and care for your hair so that it looks and feels its best, every day. Our luxurious Organic Colour Systems products are low-tox, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and carefully selected for your hair’s needs, so you know you’re doing the best for your hair (and the planet). 

Our Process

  • We’ll create your achievable hair care plan
  • Simple tips to keep your hair in great condition everyday
  • Show you how to style it with confidence
  • Take home a personalised Hair Nourishing Pack (included)
  • Three full size Organic Colour Systems products plus additional care items
  • Implement your hair care plan at home – see real results immediately
  • Stay on track – see real results – Your Hair Coach – with you all the way to your goals.

Our process is gentle, intuitive and holistic, so you will feel nurtured and cared for every step of the way.

If you’re after a fresh new look, you can always choose to add on an expert cut and style with Your Hair Coach.


But if you love your stylist and you’re happy with your current cut, no worries! Your personalised care plan, bespoke products, and the knowledge, insights and tips we share will empower you to create great hair between your regular stylist appointments.

When you know how to bring out the beauty in your hair, you can feel confident and empowered every day.

You don’t have to stress about getting ready for that important work meeting, or special night out – you can relax, knowing you have the
knowledge and power to look and feel your best.


If you’re ready to unlock the secret to YOUR great hair,
book your Beautiful Hair Confident You Consultation today.

From stylist to coach

If you’re a stylist interested in learning more about the Your Hair Coach approach,
drop us an email and inquire about training opportunities.


We offer all the usual salon treatments and services, but unlike a regular salon, our focus is on empowering you to get the best from your hair. We offer you the guidance, knowledge and inspiration you need to finally understand and nurture your hair, so you can create great hair at home between appointments.

That’s why we only offer cut, colour and other enhancements to clients who also experience one of our Beautiful Hair experiences first. The work we do together to understand, repair and nourish your hair ensures we protect your locks and get the best results from treatments and styling.

You’ll leave not just looking gorgeous, but feeling confident, empowered and in charge of your
hair. And that’s the difference.

Not at all! We understand that sometimes you need a fresh perspective. After your consultations, you are free to return to your usual stylist armed with your new knowledge and understanding if you wish.

For those who are looking for a complete change, we do offer expert cut, styling and salon treatments to clients who experience our Beautiful Hair Confident You service. You can switch over completely to Your Hair Coach or stick with your longtime stylist – the choice is yours.

Based in Bethlehem, near Tauranga. Your Hair Coach© services are also available in Auckland on a rotation 6-8wks, (see our FaceBook page for updates).

We’re also looking to add Your Hair Coach© locations across the country, so watch this space. (And if you’re a stylist keen to join us, get in touch!)

Everyone is different, so your results will depend on your hair condition, specific challenges and how carefully you stick to your care plan. We’ll be able to tell you more during your consultation, but clients will typically see results immediately.

Yes, you can take the option of a stand-alone expert cut & style finish.

Our Basic’s to Beautiful Hair and Beautiful Hair Confident You system is integral to the way we work, so we don’t offer colours in isolation. By assessing, nourishing and nurturing your hair first, we can not only protect your hair but ensure we get the best results from any colour or perming services.

When you book one of our Beautiful Hair experiences you can upgrade to include an expert cut at the same
time. You can also book your usual hair services for subsequent appointments.