Your Hair Coach© Method Training Programme



Your Hair Coach© Method Training #1

Module 1 – You, The Hairdresser – Your awareness of yourself, your relationship with yourself and how it affects your clients.

  • Your mindset in the magic circle – create your own magic!
  • Who are you, your values, your beliefs how they drive choices
  • Your energy, how your clients experience you
  • Your sixth sense, your intuition and how its a game changer – teaching a new technique to calm & centre you for optimum performance.
  • Your gifts, talents & advantages as a hairdresser
  • You are more than your technical & creative abilities when you’re with a client

Module 2 – The Client – Your relationship with your client, your awareness and understanding of your client, and the ability for you to communicate effectively is the single biggest factor in determining a successful outcome.

  • Questions, a consultation must, how and what to ask.
  • Coaching for success – Identify the goal or result the client desires
  • How to easily build rapport.
  • How to listen really well
  • Why actively listening is important.
  • How to sense what isn’t being said.
  • How being aware of your Self is important to your client.
  • Why clients need time to connect with you.
  • Why clients will pay you for your time.
  • And why clients aren’t your friend.

Your Hair Coach© Method Training #2

Module 3 – The Method – The Beautiful You, Hair Experiences – You are a specialist in your field – you are offering two bespoke services, and packages. The Basics To Beautiful Hair or Beautiful Hair Confident You.

  • Holistic consultation – Hair Analysis – Hair Detox – Deep Treatment – Personalied Hair Care Plan – Add on a Cut ( extra cost ) – Style & Blow Dried finish – Product Sale or Take Free with Beautiful Hair Confident You package
  • Why clients are loving this, and giving 5 star reviews.
  • What’s in it for you – WIFM (what’s in it for me).
  • How to easily upsell products, whilst not selling.
  • Client management – expectations & outcomes.

Module 4 – The Customer Service Experience, The Outcome – When a woman seeks a professional service, in this case a hairdresser, she is seeking YOUR professional expertise and time, and expects to pay for it. How do you deliver a memorable customer service experience? The client experience is the journey from the decision to book an appointment to the client leaving happy and satisfied.

  • What does your clients journey consist of, or look like?
  • Do your clients comment on aspects of their service with you?
  • Why overlooking the little things is a missed opportunity
  • How to make small low cost adjustments for maximum power and effect