Are You A Curl Friend of Ours?

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Many people spend years trying to tame, or come to terms with their curly hair. 

Curls types can be many and varied, as hair is.

Learning to understand what type of hair and curl you have is a great place to start.

This informs the product choice, largely because the way you treat, or work with your curls are similar to any curl type;

  • Shampoo your curls once a week or less – Curls form beautifully when natural oils start to come in. Or you’ve been in the sea.
  • Always use conditioner, and make sure it is distributed well. Use your fingers, or a wide tooth comb or Denman D4 or D5 Leave in for 3-5mins
  • Wrap your wet curls briefly to stop dripping, pop a small towel around your shoulders,  apply the recommended product, and scrunch in by squeezing the hair to form curls. Clusters of hair stuck together. Use your finger, an afro or wide tooth comb to distribute product. Products options here: and
  • Either leave your hair to dry naturally or use a diffuser on your drier to ensure the drier doesn’t blow your hair into a frizz.
  • On waking every day use a water spray to dampen your curls, squeeze them once more and follow as above.
  • Always using only your fingers to fluff and separate strands.

Ta da! Long lasting curls you will love.

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