Fine hair; how to make it great; 10 top tips

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Most clients with fine hair are usually very adept at making the most of their hair.  Why would that be do you think?

When you consider what hair means to most women, the term, ‘crowning glory’ comes to mind, and women with finer hair will always be more aware of  how their hair looks, as for most women, it relates to how we feel, too.

Hair is a constant …

the aspect of yourself, like skin, you have to accept, the alternative being to pay for one or more of a multitude of methods created to change or enhance what we dislike, or are unhappy with.

  • Colour
  • Extensions
  • Straightening
  • Permanent waving
  • Wigs

The list is almost endless.

Fine hair is without a doubt one of my passions. 

Mum had one of the finest heads of hair I have seen. The pride she had in her appearance meant that if she were to go out in public, to work or even for a coffee, she would always have to ‘set’ her hair, (put her hair rollers in first). 

This was her life, her routine that enabled her to feel good, to feel confident. But what a commitment.


Let’s help all you fine hair girls out with my top ten tips for your locks;

  1. All fullness and volume comes from what the roots are doing – apply your product there first.
  2. Make sure the product isn’t heavy, or full of silicone, which will weigh your hair down, it will feel flat and lifeless.
  3. Less is more with fine hair – dry with your head upside down focused on the root area, for maximum volume.
  4. Shampoo twice each time, this can reduce the amount of times you wash your hair in a week.
  5. Do you really need that conditioner? If you have coloured or lightened hair, then yes, if not try not conditioning every time. How does it feel?
  6. Using conditioner? Comb it through with a wide toothed comb for best results.
  7. A dry shampoo at the roots can get you another day or two until you have to shampoo again, and it gives lift and volume.
  8. Avoid brushing and combing your hair, this flattens its – try fingers or a wide toothed comb
  9. A good protein treatment can thicken each hair, with an overall feeling of thickness, and healthy hair to boot.
  10. Velcro rollers are great for avoiding heat, pop some in for maximum volume, allow to dry naturally.




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