Why is my scalp itchy? What can I do?

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The causes of dandruff and itchy scalp. 

Your scalp may be itchy for a variety of reasons.

Let’s look at two main reasons for experiencing itchiness and flaking on the scalp.

Psoriasis is a scalp condition occurring when the skin cells on the body, including the scalp,  grow and replace too quickly. The body doesn’t shed this overgrowth of skin cells quickly enough, and the cells increase in thickness, becoming visible, itchy and flaking.

This malfunction, if you like, can be connected to a compromised immune system.

Any Treatment needs to be holistic. Look at your overall health and well-being,  to support the healing process internally, and externally on the scalp.

There are many pharmacy only shampoos with active ingredients, created to calm the itching and clear the flakiness, however they are often formulated, and dependent on a chemical array of ingredients to rapidly affect the desired change.

Louise Hay puts forward the mind/body concept, which is when the body creates symptoms of a negative, counter-productive thought process, with the ‘fear of being hurt’ as one to consider for psoriasis.

Read more on this in, You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay.

The causes of dandruff, as with psoriasis, can be an indication of the physiology of the body being out of balance, inside and out. Dandruff is a dryness of the skin, on the scalp, is often all this is.

Check in with your diet & nutrition. Once again there are shampoo options available containing a list of chemicals designed to deal with the symptoms, and alleviate the white flakes for a while.

Dandruff can also occur when shampoo, or any hair product isn’t rinsed out of the hair thoroughly enough, causing a build up of product which then itches.

A clarifying, or detoxing shampoo is great for this, it creates a clean scalp, like pressing a reset enabling both hair and scalp to have a rest. Try this Activated Charcoal shampoo, it cleans and clarifies both the hair and scalp. https://www.yourhaircoach.co.nz/product-category/charcoal-shampoo/

Itchiness without flaking can be a stress induced reaction, especially around the back and sides of the head.

Poor diet, too much sugar, gluten or gut sensitivity can also be considered.

When a reaction shows up on the scalp or skin the body has often been fighting it internally before it breaks the last bastion of the skin, and shows up externally. These are all ‘clues’ to investigate, instead of just focusing on the symptom ask yourSelf why is this happening, is there something I may be missing?

Have you applied anything new to your skin or hair? This may even be something you have always used, but is now suddenly creating a reddening and itching. Stop using whatever you believe it may be and seek a doctors opinion. Again this is your body giving you biofeedback – listen to it carefully.

We ingest and apply so many products, containing chemicals and ‘natural’ ingredients, it can be hard to identify. However a reaction is often immediate and the cause can be easily identifiable.

Immediate relief can be found by using either pharmacy or doctor recommended proprietary products. Your natural health food shop will always have alternative options, as will searching online.

An organic option is the Soothe Plus range from Organic Colour Systems. Offering a shampoo, conditioner, and importantly a treatment spray, applied directly on to the scalp for immediate relief. https://www.yourhaircoach.co.nz/product-category/soothe-plus/

I apply mine at night in particular, as laying on a synthetic pillow can exacerbate the problem by heating up the area of the head in contact with the pillow, then throughout the day as required.

Whatever the option you choose, think holistically, treating symptoms only, means you will still have whatever caused the itchiness, where as considering what else may be contributing to the problem, or any others you may be experiencing you acknowledge the interconnectedness of your body and mind in relation to the symptoms arising.



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