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Resorcinol in Hair Colouring, what is it?

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Good question. Resorcinol is the green-based pigment present in hair colours. Green is there to counteract red tones, if you recall your art classes in school.

The darker the hair the more red pigment, therefore the more resorcinol used. Darker colours particularly colours that come in a box from the supermarket, contain some of the highest amounts.

You may have also seen it as a prominent ingredient in acne, other skin conditions, care. And as is the norm, it’s found in food production, photography, tanning, tyre manufacture, and as an aid to remove calloused skin.

It is a known carcinogen!

Hairdressers are identified as at the highest risk due to their long term exposure. Even when using gloves to apply, the fumes go into the lungs, when shampooing off everything is absorbed by the skin into the bloodstream.

Are you colouring your hair medium brown or darker?

You may want to check out what you are using and the ingredients.

Blonde hair, medium to light brown and lighter, the green pigment isn’t needed, so all good there.

However, chemicals are still present. Do you know what they are?

It’s time we all become more aware of what we, often unconsciously apply to our bodies, inhale, and ingest. It builds up over time until suddenly one day the body gives you feedback. Initially, it may begin with an intolerance in your diet, or a slight skin itch when anything is applied.

PPDs are most likely the main irritant causing, at best no reaction, to contact dermatitis, usually for a couple of days, or at worst an anaphylactic reaction.

Buyer be aware!

Aware of what you are buying, what’s in it, and when choosing a hairdresser, can they answer your questions, do they know the ingredients in the products they use?

Check out the link for more information. Or do your own research.




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