What are parabens and why are they in hair products anyway?

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‘Paraben free’, you’ve likely become familiar seeing this term used by companies marketing to consumers looking for less chemicals in their environment and life in general.

Why use them?

Parabens are a synthetic preservative, used in products with high water content, to lengthen the shelf life. Preventing the production of mould, bacteria and yeast. They can also be found in food production too. However, we are far more familiar seeing them in personal care items, such as makeup and haircare.

What’s the harm?

Some individuals, with the amount of toxins we are regularly exposed to, become sensitised to certain ones, and the bodies ecosystem sounds a ‘high alert’ warning and produces a reaction, often a skin irritation, by way of feedback.
Motivation for seeking to remove these pesky chemicals is well-founded, as they are a known hormone disrupter, particularly estrogen, relative to the male and female reproductive system.

Parabens have also been found in urine tests, far more so for females, which makes sense when we consider the high use of skincare, makeup and hair products by women, and adolescent girls. Yikes!

Another Choice.

Like everything we always have a choice. Many people are far more discerning now, about what they buy. Realising many companies have values aligned with producing effective products, either without preservatives, or using a natural substitute.

Read the labels. Do your own research, make choices that align with your values. Reduce your exposure to synthetic chemicals, for a good healthy life.

(Organic Colour Systems use a citrus base preservative).
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